Buying or selling a home is a major undertaking that can be very overwhelming and stressful. As a professional real estate agent with years of experience representing both buyers and sellers, here are my recommendations on how to make the home buying or selling process as easy as possible.


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When getting ready to list your home for sale, here are a few essential tips that can make selling your home easier.

  1.  Price it right. Homeowners often overestimate the value of their homes by 5-15%. As a seller, trust your listing agent to conduct a market analysis of home sales in your neighborhood from the past 90 days to identify to the competitive listing price for your home. Remember that foreclosures or short sales in your area can affect your home’s market value.
  2. Invest in your home’s first impression. When you meet with your listing agent before placing your home on the market, they may suggest repairs or maintenance to improve visible flaws within your home. Staging your home can help buyers envision themselves living there and it presents the home as being more spacious.
  3. Maximize your market debut. Price your home competitively at your initial listing to improve your chance for a fast sale and the possibility of multiple offers.  Forty-three percent of buyers search for homes online as their first step. Pricing your home too high when it enters the market can turn qualified buyers off and lessen the number of listing views.
  4. Consider your costs. When you receive an offer, always think about the potential costs, such as mortgage payments, property taxes, insurance costs, and maintenance fees that you’ll carry if you hold onto your home and not move forward with a sale. Not moving forward on an early offer can result in the excitement of your new listing wearing off, a long duration on the market, and extended carrying costs.
  5. Make it easy for buyers. Sellers who agree to or offer to pay the buyer’s closing costs can simplify the financing process for buyers, making your home more appealing. Including appliances, allowances, or other extras, like a transferable home warranty, can entice buyers and help close the sale of your home.

 When preparing to buy a home, whether it’s your first time or not, the following tips can make the process less daunting.

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  1. Get ready financially. Before shopping for a new home, meet with a mortgage lender professional and share your financial information to determine your loan options. Doing so will illustrate to you the price of a home you can afford based upon your household income and down payment amount. Being pre-approved prior to making an offer, can increase your negotiating power and help you get the best price for your new home.
  2. Leverage your real estate agent. Prior to searching for homes, think about what you’re looking for in your new home and share your wish list with your agent. Inform them how you’d like to be communicated with during the home search process. Utilize their market knowledge and expertise to your advantage. Their role is to represent your best interests when buying a home and foster a smooth purchase transaction.
  3. Shop smarter not harder. Do you want a turn-key home with the luxury of no repairs or are you willing to put in some extra work on a home post purchase to customize it to your needs? If turn-key is your preference, expect to pay more for the convenience. If you’re open to a fixer-upper, focus on structural integrity over cosmetic, and you score a better bargain on the sale price. And don’t forget to consider location, not only for your own benefit, but for its potential value in the future when you decide to sell.
  4. Lock it in quickly. Once you’ve found the right home for you, move quickly. Compare the prices of recent sales in the neighborhood. If the home positioned in a high-demand area, be ready to write a competitive offer. Request your agent to find out if the seller is motivated for a quick sale. Speed can motivate a seller to accept an offer. All these factors will influence how strong your offer will be.
  5. Always conduct your due diligence. Once your offer is accepted, schedule a home inspection quickly. If your inspection results in safety or building code deficiencies, you can request repairs or a credit from the seller. During this stage, ensure that all your questions about the home’s condition are answered, so you know what you’re buying.


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