We see home improvements everywhere, from television to social media to our own neighborhoods. But how can you tell if there is true value in renovating your home aside from personal aesthetics? And what improvements yield the best return on investment (ROI)?

The answer is the kitchen.

Kitchen DIY Adds Value

Regardless if your kitchen large or small, you can incorporate these popular elements to make your kitchen attractive to future buyers and increase your ROI. 

  1. Open it up. Remove upper cabinets and install efficient storage solutions in base cabinets to open up the visual space and sight line. Consider open shelving to make dishes and glassware easy to access and stylish decor.
  2. Make it smart. The latest kitchen appliances incorporate features that are controllable by smartphones or tablets, are energy efficient, and improve functionality.
  3. Activate with touch. Touch technology on kitchen appliances helps maintain a clean working space and improves efficiency when preparing meals.
  4. Focus on gathering. As the central hub of the home, design a space where family can come together and spend time when using the kitchen. If working with a small space, consider a mobile island that can be moved for entertaining.
  5. Illuminate it thoughtfully. Consider how lighting can improve the use of the kitchen. Under cabinet and cabinet lighting not only improves functionality but also adds style. Flush or recessed fixtures seamlessly blend into the space and work well in both small and large spaces.

For the best return on your renovation investment, we suggest keeping your improvements in line with the style of the neighborhood. The sooner you plan to sell, the closer the style of materials, appliances, and aesthetics should be in line with the look of the average home in your neighborhood. Avoid over-improving or upgrading outside of the norm, as they may not pay-off when you sell.

Let’s talk budget. What are average kitchen renovation costs and the current return?

       Major Kitchen Renovation | Average cost: $122,000 | ROI: 62%

        Includes custom cabinets, stone countertops, designer sink and fixtures, built in appliances, commercial-grade cooktop, and wood or tile floors.

       Midrange Kitchen Improvement | Average cost: $62,000 | ROI: 65%

        Includes semi-custom cabinets, laminate countertops, standard sink, energy efficient appliances, paint, and new flooring.

       Minor Kitchen Update | Average cost: $20,000 | ROI: 80%

        Includes replacing cabinet fronts, laminate countertops, energy efficient appliances, paint, and new flooring.

By investing in your kitchen, no matter the size or budget, you can see a solid return on your investment when you decide to sell.

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