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About Steve Maxwell

During his successful tenure heading a construction business in Ohio, Steve Maxwell met and worked with plenty of homebuilders and real estate professionals along the way—piquing his interest in the field. When he decided to make the transition to residential real estate in 2006, he brought to the table years of first-hand experience navigating sales and complex projects, a skillset that would go on to serve him well. After the downturn, Steve set his sights on a new business he acquired, transforming it into a million-dollar enterprise. Then, a few years later he decided to take the leap and return to his earlier passion for real estate, eventually staging a move to Arizona where Steve spearheads his business today.

Primarily serving the Southeast Valley area, Steve navigates the listing and purchase process. From the outset, Steve approaches the agent-client relationship with a commitment to accessibility, follow-through, and transparent communication. His responsiveness is a key driver of his success to date. “I always pick up the phone,” he explains. “I stay communicative and that helps people feel comfortable throughout a transaction.” What’s more, Steve’s business is based largely on referrals, allowing his reputation and track record of success to do the talking. “I’m more relational than transactional,” he says. “I strive to run my business strictly through referrals. I really focus on staying in touch with past and present clients and let my service speak for itself. I like to help people, but more than that, I always have my clients’ best interests at heart.” Considering the challenges of moving to a new state, Steve rose to the occasion and became a proactive self-starter—a testament to his tenacity and positive attitude. Accordingly, he has generated a 60% rate of repeat and referral clientele in just a few short years and completed 2016 through 2018 in the top 2% of agents by sales in the state of Arizona. To market his business, Steve incorporates the proven methodologies of North America’s largest real estate coaching and training enterprise, Buffini & Company, whose systems are so successful that they are responsible for one out of every eight houses sold nationally.

buy a house san tan valley azWorking under the banner of ProSmart Realty has afforded Steve ultimate autonomy and support where it counts—providing a massive platform from which to publicize listings. For his part, Steve applies his extensive business ownership experience to create a systematic organization to his real estate work. In cultivating his database, marking progress, and staying on top of the market, Steve is detail-oriented and accounts for all variables, affording his clients an expert’s level of efficiency and specificity when it comes to sourcing or listing a property.

Inline with Buffini & Company’s Referral Systems, Steve keeps in consistent contact with both his past and current clients, providing value through useful content that demonstrates his competence,and utilizing personal touches, such as favors: handwritten notes, snail mail, e-mails and calls to stay in the forefront of clients’ minds. Additionally, Steve makes a concerted effort to act as a resource for his clients even after closing, creating a natural bond that happens to keep referral business booming.

As a happy Arizona resident, Steve enjoys spending free hours by the pool with family and loved ones, enjoying his homebody status in the sprawl of his backyard. As for the future, Steve plans to employ the same entrepreneurial spirit that served his previous endeavors so well, with hopes to open an office of his own in the next three years, and add and develop a team along the way. He also plans to grow the listing portion of his business, applying his business acumen to his clients’ benefit. With decades of professional insight to inform his role as an agent—complete with a genuine investment in his clients’ successes and wellbeing—the path ahead is sure to yield continued promise for Steve Maxwell.

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